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Commercial Electric 1 X 2 23-Watt Dimmable LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel Light

Commercial Electric 1 X 2 23-Watt Dimmable LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel Light

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Get the right light for any situation or task with the Commercial Electric 1 ft. x 2 ft. White LED Flat Ceiling Fixture with Selectable Color Temperature. Its ultra slim low profile design (less than 1 in.) is perfect for any low ceiling area and the no glare edge-lit LEDs are integrated so there are no bulbs to replace. With our selectable color switch you can preset your preferred light color temperature: soft white bright white or daylight (3000/4000/5000K) or set it to switch for an easy toggle between color temperatures with a simple flip of a standard light switch. This energy-efficient fixture uses 23-Watt of electricity and up to 80% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb and produces even light distribution of 2000-Lumen. The streamlined design of these LED flat panels combined with patent pending easy-to-install mounting brackets enables simple installation in both residential and commercial buildings. This light fixture has an average life of 50 000-hour/45.7-year and delivers Energy Star approved dimmable lighting. Uses only 23-watt Brightness: 2000-lumen Flush mount ceiling installation Light appearance: 3000K/4000K/5000K (Soft White/Bright White/Daylight) Life hours: 45.7-year (based on 3-hour/day) Dimmable Instant on to full brightness Slide and lock simple mounting bracket Even light distribution Mercury free ENERGY STAR Listed Junction Box Required.

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