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Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU251912PDBK0 Undermount Laundry Sink with Perfect Drain, Black

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU251912PDBK0 Undermount Laundry Sink with Perfect Drain, Black

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Elkay ELGU251912PD Quartz Classic 25" Undermount Single Basin Quartz Laundry Sink Elkay Quartz Classic sinks have a smooth surface and a visible depth to their structure. They're crafted from natural quartz and come in a range of UV-stable neutral colors in shades of black, brown, gray and white that allow you to add an unexpected pop of color to your space. Whether it's a kitchen sink or a prep, bar or laundry sink, this composite sink has the durability you need to take on tough tasks. Elkay ELGU251912PD Features: Edgeless drain eliminates the gap around the drain for a cleaner, more hygienic sink Sink is installed beneath the countertop creating a seamless appearance between the sink and the countertop Single bowl gives you uninterrupted space for household tasks High-capacity 12" bowl offers room inside for scrubbing stains from jerseys and cleaning paintbrushes after little masterpieces Coordinate your sink color with your decor and style Molded from fine quartz sand to resist banging, chipping, scratches, and is heat safe up to 535° Fahrenheit Material's ultrafine, nonporous structure means food and liquid won't stick to surface. Material is naturally sound-deadening, minimizing sound and vibration for a quieter time at the sink Drain placement provides more usable space on the bottom of the sink and in the cabinet below Includes one Perfect Drain, and strainer Elkay ELGU251912PD Technologies and Benefits: Perfect Drain: An edgeless drain that integrates seamlessly into the bottom of this sink. It eliminates the gap around the drain by doing away with the sink collar. This makes for a cleaner sink and expands your usable work space on the sink floor. Crumbs and gunk have nowhere to go but down the drain. Easy to Clean: Stands up to the toughest stains, while making cleaning easier than ever. Maintain your sink's brand new look with a cleaning process as simple as a damp cloth and soapy water. Impact and Scratch Resistant: Quartz Classic's special formula is mo

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