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Enbrighten Premium Linkable Light Fixture, 24" in White

Enbrighten Premium Linkable Light Fixture, 24" in White

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See your home in the best possible light with an Enbrighten Premium Linkable Light Fixture. This energy-efficient fixture is the ideal lighting solution and has the ability to link 30 fixtures together while only using a single outlet. To achieve stylish accent lighting, simply mount the light underneath kitchen cabinetry, shelving, or bookcases using the keyhole slots located at the end of each fixture. In smaller enclosed areas, such as closets and pantries, use the lights to illuminate hard-to-see corners. The light's slim design makes it convenient to place in locations with limited space. The toggle switch makes it easy to operate, allowing you to choose between high and low settings, as well as turn the light off. Make life a little brighter with Enbrighten Premium Linkable Light Fixture.• Illuminates your space in style with 415 lumens of soft, warm white light (3000K)• Choose your lighting preference using the toggle switch to change between HIGH/LOW/OFF• Comes with everything you need for an easy install• Link up to 30 fixtures together in a chain to customize your space (18" linking cord included)• Created to last and UL-certified for peace of mind Illuminates with 803 lumens of soft, warm white light (3000K) Toggle switch to change between high/low/off Slim design makes it convenient for locations with limited space Enbrighten Premium Linkable Light Fixture, 24" in White.

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